The Anti Inflammatory Meal Plan Program provides:

  • 6 day Meal Plan

    Comprising of 3 Meals and 2 snacks per day. This meal plan utilizes left overs to save time preparing and cooking in the kitchen.

  • 16 Recipes

    You will find recipes for every meal plan item, with ingredients list and easy to follow step by step method.

  • Shopping list
    An itemized shopping list with groceries broken into categories including fruit, vegetable, boxed & canned, condiments & oils, and seeds, nuts & spices.
  • Preparation guide
    To accompany you meal plan is a preparation guide that walks you through all the steps you need to undertake each day to prepare the meals and snacks.
  • Full nutritional information
    This meal plan provides full nutritional information for overall meal plan, as well as individual recipes. Nutritional information includes macronutrients (total kj/calories, protein, fats & carbohydrates) and micronutrients (incl. iron, calcium, potassium, phosphate, b12, zinc, magnesium, to name as few). This meal plan provides average 1,600cal/6,700kj per day.

  • Please note: This meal plan does not meet recommended dietary intake for calcium. It is recommended to consume 2 serves of calcium rich foods in addition to this meal plan per day.
    1 serve = 250ml milk or calcium enriched dairy free alternative, 200g yoghurt, 40g cheese, 150g snapper fish, 90g pink salmon or sardines, 1 1/2 cup broccoli, bokchoy, 100g cooked spinach