Tailor Made Meal Plans

If you are looking for a dietitian-developed customised meal plan without having a face-to-face consultation you have come to the right place!  Our meal plans are suitable for those who:

  • Are unsure how much food they need to eat - depending on your height, age, weight, activity level and sex - the amount of food you need to eat varies. 
  • Have reduced mobility/physical activity and require a large focus on nutrition - physical activity is important for health, however for some this can be challenging due to health conditions. With reduced movement, there needs to be a large focus on nutrition to ensure healthy body weight and optimize your general health.
  • Have special dietary needs - you may have been advised to follow a specific diet e.g. gluten-free, low FODMAP, dairy-free, or all three! And you are having trouble finding suitable meals and snacks. 
  • Have specific health needs that affect your eating - you may require increased nutrition needs e.g. due to disease or illness, or a vitamin/mineral deficiency.  
  • Have particular food likes and dislikes - every meal plan you look at has too many foods you dislike in it, and the foods you do like are nowhere to be found! 
  • Need a meal plan that can work in with your life - you may be requiring a meal plan that has quick breakfast ideas, or dinner pressure cooker recipes that you can have cooking away while you are away at work.

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Our dietitians have created a questionnaire that will collect all the key information needed to create a tailored meal plan that fits your specific needs. 

The meal plan questionnaire will ask questions surrounding:

  • Meal plan goals – e.g. new meal ideas, eating healthier, losing weight
  • Your age, sex, height, weight and physical activity level – this helps us provide you with a suitable amount of food to fuel your body and support good health.  
  • Any recent blood tests or medications you are taking - that may impact what you can eat
  • Your dietary preferences –e.g. do you have any allergies? Follow any specific diets e.g. vegan, gluten-free. Food likes and dislikes?
  • Cooking preferences – how much time do you have available for cooking? What your cooking ability is? Perhaps you would prefer simple meals to prepare in less than 20minutes? Do you like eating leftovers?

What you will receive:

  • Your personalized meal plan – 7 days or 14 days available
  • Accompanying Recipes – easy to prepare recipes with ingredients list and step-by-step instructions. 
  • Shopping list – categorized into supermarket categories such as dairy, vegetables, fruit, for an easy grocery trip.
  • Full nutritional information per day and recipe - including calories/kilojoules, macronutrients (protein, carb, fats) and micronutrients (incl. sodium, iron, calcium, zinc).

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